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"I got a FREE membership at GOT Safelist and was pleasantly surprised with all the different features and tools I was able to use to advertise my business. There were very few limitations, which is something that I can never say for other safelists I've joined in the past."
- Daniel Holestrom

GOT Safelist Great FREE Membership Features...

Receive 10,000 GOTCredits when you open a FREE account
Earn 2,500 GOTCredits for each FREE member you refer
Earn up to 10,000 GOTCredits for each PRO member you refer
Post your ad to our Safelist Subscribers Daily
Post your ad to our Desktop Subscribers Daily
Post your banner ads on designated areas of our website
Ability to add your site to our HOTLinks site listings, free gurantee traffic to your site!
Access to our FREE Software & Resource Area
Ability of turning your GOTCredits into CASH using our Credits to Cash Exchange system
Receive GOTCredits for reading ads and clicking on Hotlinks
Collect residual credits for being active PLUS for your referrals staying active
Send ads to our double opt-in list
Send text emails up to 5,000 characters in length
You can save and manage up to 3 ads to our system
Opportunity to WIN GOTCredits from our monthly Hotlinks contest and Referral contest
Opportunity to WIN GOTCredits from our bi-weekly Lottery drawing
Update your account 24/7
Complete vacation settings options
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"I've been doing online marketing for over 6 months and needless to say that I've spent a lot of money and very little success. When I heard about GOTSafelist from a colleague I signed up for an account. I mean it was free so I had nothing to loose. Out of the dozen of safelists I had already joined I have to admit this one by far had the most professional support staff I have ever ran into. They helped me with all my questions and even helped me with my HTML ad. This one is a keeper for me! Where else can you find a more reliable safelist ..."
(Lex Warner - California)

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